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Commercial Appliances Panel Bender

A panel bender is a machine used in the manufacturing industry for bending and forming sheet metal panels. These machines play a crucial role in shaping metal components with precision, speed, and consistency. They are utilized in various industries, including the production of commercial appliances.

For the production of commercial appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, or other metal-based devices, a panel bender like Hisman's may offer advanced features tailored to the specific requirements of appliance manufacturing. These machines are designed to efficiently bend and shape metal sheets to create the intricate and customized components needed for assembling commercial appliances.

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Handles Large Panels 

Hisman's panel bending machines meet the diverse production needs of a wide range of applications, providing high-precision panel production, including cabinet components, architectural panels, photovoltaic modules, trailer side panels, lighting, shelving, industrial equipment, elevators, steel furniture, fire doors and clean rooms.

Full automation for high productivity

Fully servo-driven systems provide precise control of the bending process to deliver high repeatability and productivity. Includes automatic sheet feeding, tool setting, servo bending, clamping, feeding, sheet rotation, and positioning and measuring. Unloading and stacking options are available.

Cost Effective Machines

Standard models keep machine costs competitive and can be further customized for optimum performance. The servo-driven design requires little service and is virtually maintenance-free. All moving parts are lubricated regularly through a centralized lubrication system.

Multi-stack loading 

The automatic pick and place system allows loading from multiple stack positions onto the automatic feeder. The ability to change size and thickness provides greater flexibility.

User-friendly parametric programming interface

Programming can be done offline - by entering bending parameters and loading the program - or directly at the machine, even during the bending process. Speed is automatically calculated based on sheet size.

Tools for all profiles

Equipped with a universal set of servo-driven upper and lower folding blades, Hisman sheet bending machines can process a wide range of profiles and all types of bends. Most profiles can be bent with just one set of universal bending tools. 

Bending includes:

- Positive and negative bending

- Open and closed crimping

- Top and bottom crimping

- Offset bending

- Radius bending

- Closed Bend

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