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Laser Cutting Machine

Hisman is always developing better applications of laser technology for better cutting and attaches great importance to innovation. We insist on focusing on a single category of laser cutting machines, achieving full coverage of products in the power range of 1,000W-20,000W, providing customized and specialized metal cutting solutions, and effectively creating value for our customers.

Metal fabrication shops and companies that make customized metal parts can dramatically increase productivity with our fiber laser cutting machines. Our machines are capable of cutting steel, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel without having to worry about back reflection damaging the machine. By using these fiber laser cutting machines, you will reduce maintenance requirements and significantly lower operating costs.

Find the Right Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

We offer 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 4000W, 6000W, 8000W, 10000W, 12000W, 15000W, 20000W laser power options. With a maximum cutting speed of 60 m/min, these fiber lasers can complete jobs quickly and with high precision. We also offer fiber laser cutting machines with enclosed work areas to eliminate light pollution.

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What is Fiber laser cutting machine?

Fiber laser cutting machine is an automated metal cutting machine that works with a CAM software-driven CNC controller to command a 1064nm laser beam to cut the shape and contour of metal plates, tubes, bars, and strips according to a CAD-designed layout file. Software used to complete metal fabrication projects. It is a precision cutting tool for plates and tubes as well as flat and beveled metal profiles. With the help of a robotic arm, it is easy to create personalized 3D metal cuts. Non-contact cutting without damage to the substrate and with low thermal impact in the point irradiation area. Fiber laser cutters are capable of cutting metals as thin as 1 mm and as thick as 200 mm with a power range from 1000 W to 20,000 W and a maximum speed of more than 60 m/min. Fiber lasers can handle a wide range of materials from hard metals such as stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel, spring steel, silicon steel, iron and alloys to highly reflective metals such as aluminum, gold, silver, copper and brass, which makes them popular for both home and commercial use.

How does a laser beam-cutting machine work?

A laser beam is a form of light generated through the transition of atoms, molecules, or ions. Unlike ordinary light, it relies on spontaneous emission for only a brief duration. The subsequent process is entirely determined by excitation radiation, resulting in a pure color, minimal divergence direction, and exceptionally high luminous intensity and coherence.

This automated process utilizes high power and high-density energy from a focused beam to melt and vaporize various materials, including metal, wood, acrylic, plastic, fabric, leather, and foam, to achieve precise cuts.

Controlled by a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system, the generator outputs high frequency to create a beam with a specific frequency and pulse width. The beam travels through the optical path, undergoes reflection, and is focused by a lens group. This forms a tiny, high-energy-density light spot on the part's surface, with the focus near the cutting surface. The material undergoes melting or vaporization due to instantaneous high temperature, with each pulse creating a small hole in the substrate.

Through continuous relative motion guided by the CNC system and a design file, the machine head and base material perform cutting, shaping the material as required. Process parameters such as cutting speed, power, gas pressure, and movement trajectory are controlled by the CNC system. The slag produced during cutting is blown away by auxiliary gas at a specified pressure.

The generator's emitted beam, focused by the optical system, becomes a high-power density beam that irradiates the part's surface. The high-pressure gas, co-axial with the beam, blows away the melted or vaporized material. As the beam moves relative to the part, it cuts through the material, achieving the cutting objective. Different powers are suitable for cutting items of varying thicknesses, with higher power typically used for thicker parts. The appropriate choice should be made based on specific requirements.

What is a laser cutting system used for?

They are the most common automatic cutting tools and are used in a wide range of applications including personalization (customization), digital printing, medical technology, factory laboratories, education, architectural models, smartphones and laptops, computers and electronics, toys, watches, art and crafts, prizes, trophies, rubber stamps, packaging design, die cutting, mold making, sign making, display making, premiums, electronic industry, automotive industry, signage, mechanical engineering, ball bearings, jewelry making, fashion clothing fabrics, templates, Paper cards, automotive floor mats and padding, textile and clothing industry, barcode serial numbers, watches, machining industry, data board industry, packaging industry.

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