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Press Brake machines help you optimize your production

What is a press brake?

Press brake is a machine used for bending sheet metal and metal plates, most commonly sheet metal. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching top tool and bottom die. 

Our press brakes range in size from 3.7 tons to 22 tons (in tandem), and they come in a variety of configurations from 2 to 11 axes.

Hisman hydraulic CNC press brake machines can be fully configured to meet customer requirements and are designed for increased power, productivity and versatility. Our machines' robust construction and advanced technology ensure reliable operation and perfect repeatability, bending materials from soft brass to chrome molybdenum. 

Hisman press brakes can handle diverse demands, increasing productivity while maintaining unwavering reliability. The precision provided by our press brakes is a testament to our commitment to innovation and superior craftsmanship. We provide industry-leading service and support for each of our press brakes.

Hisman is able to handle diverse needs, increasing productivity while maintaining unwavering reliability. The precision provided by our press brake machines is a testament to our commitment to innovation and superior craftsmanship. 


ModelXSM 50/1500XSM 80/2500XSM 250/3200XSM 320/3200XSM 400/3200XSM 250/4000XSM 320/4000XSM 400/4000XSM 110/3200XSM 130/3200XSM 170/3200XSM 220/3200XSM 110/4000XSM 130/4000XSM 170/4000XSM 220/4000
Nominal Pressure500KN800KN2500KN3200KN4000KN2500KN3200KN4000KN1100KN1300KN1700KN2200KN1100KN1300KN1700KN2200KN
Workbench Length1500mm2500mm3200mm3200mm3200mm4000mm4000mm4000mm3200mm3200mm3200mm3200mm4000mm4000mm4000mm4000mm
Column Spacing1200mm2100mm2700mm2600mm2600mm3300mm3200mm3200mm2700mm2700mm2700mm2700mm3300mm3300mm3300mm3300mm
Slide Stroke165mm165mm250mm250mm300mm250mm250mm300mm205mm205mm205mm205mm205mm205mm205mm205mm
Maximum Opening Height420mm420mm520mm520mm540mm520mm520mm540mm460mm460mm460mm460mm460mm460mm460mm460mm
Throat Depth250mm250mm405mm405mm405mm405mm405mm405mm400mm400mm400mm400mm400mm400mm400mm400mm
Workbench Height850mm930mm900mm900mm900mm900mm900mm900mm930mm930mm930mm930mm930mm930mm930mm930mm
Quick Down Speed250mm/s230mm/s140mm/s130mm/s120mm/s140mm/s130mm/s120mm/s220mm/s200mm/s180mm/s180mm/s220mm/s200mm/s180mm/s180mm/s
Slow Down Speed10mm/s10mm/s8mm/s8mm/s7mm/s8mm/s8mm/s7mm/s10mm/s10mm/s10mm/s10mm/s10mm/s10mm/s10mm/s10mm/s
Return Speed200mm/s180mm/s100mm/s100mm/s90mm/s100mm/s100mm/s90mm/s160mm/s160mm/s130mm/s130mm/s160mm/s160mm/s130mm/s130mm/s
Main Motor Power5.5kw7.5kw18.5kw22kw30kw18.5kw22kw30kw7.5kw11kw11kw18.5kw7.5kw11kw11kw18.5kw
Fuel Tank Volume (liters)180L280L450L500L650L450L500L650L300L300L400L400L350L350L450L450L
Rear Stopper X-axis Travel600mm600mm600mm600mm600mm600mm600mm600mm600mm600mm600mm600mm600mm600mm600mm600mm
Overall   Dimensions
Machine Weight3.7T5.8T16.5T17.6T20.5T18T19.6T22T7.8T8.6T10.8T11.5T8.8T9.5T11.5T12.8T

Press brake applications:

Since press brake machines can be fitted with a wide range of punches and dies, they can be used for almost any sheet or plate metal shaping application. The most common are:

Automotive panels


Metal artwork


Metal containers

Many other sheet metal forming applications

Almost any sheet or plate metal bending application can be accomplished using a press brake. Press brakes are most often used to produce multiple pieces of the same workpiece for further processing.

Why Choose Hisman Press Brake Machine?

Innovative modular design: 

Our hydraulic press brake machines can also be combined with automation modules to create a complete hydraulic system for the entire work process, further increasing the machine's versatility.

From basic to high-end machines, customized solutions are available at affordable prices. Check out our press brake machines for sale to learn more about configurations and technical parameters.


Professional R&D team dedicated to researching cutting-edge technology for customer press brake machines. 

A wider variety of press brake solutions:

Comprehensive stock of basic tools and solutions modified to customer needs

Hisman high-quality equipment:

The key components of Hisman bending machines are manufactured in Germany.

After-sales service and support:

Original Hisman spare parts guarantee full performance and long-term durability. Extensive consulting services for machine operation, programming and maintenance.

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