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How to Choose a Press Brake

May. 24, 2024


When selecting bending machine equipment, it's essential to consider the material you work with, the desired precision of the final product, and your production requirements.

Here are some key points to guide you in making the best choice:

Material and Product Requirements:

Carbon Steel with Low Precision Requirements: If your products are made of carbon steel and do not require high precision, an NC (Numerical Control) bending machine is a cost-effective choice. However, it demands more skill and experience from the operator.

High Precision and Special Requirements:

Stainless Steel with High Precision Needs: For products made of stainless steel that require a mirror finish, straightness, and a small R angle, a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) electro-hydraulic servo bending machine is recommended. This type of machine offers superior accuracy, straightness, and speed compared to NC machines.

Small Batch and Varied Production:

Multiple Varieties and Lengths Under 1500mm: If your production involves small batches and a variety of products with lengths under 1500mm, an all-electric bending machine is ideal. These machines are user-friendly, stable, and have lower maintenance costs. They are controlled entirely by servo motors and do not require hydraulic oil, making them environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Additionally, they avoid issues related to oil leakage and seal aging, common in hydraulic equipment after extended use.


1. If your product is carbon steel material, the molding accuracy of the product is not high, you can preferentially choose NC bending machine equipment, the price is cheap, and the disadvantage is that the technical workers of the operation are more demanding.

2. If you are making stainless steel products, the processed products require mirror effect, straightness, and a small R Angle after forming, then I recommend you buy a CNC electro-hydraulic servo bending machine, which is greatly superior to an NC bending machine in accuracy, straightness and speed.

3. If the product you make is a small batch, multiple varieties, and the product length is less than 1500mm, I suggest you buy our all-electric bending machine, which is much better than NC and CNC bending machines in terms of operation convenience, stability, maintenance cost, etc. All are controlled by a servo motor, and no more use of a drop of hydraulic oil. It can be completely energy saving and environmental protection, and avoid the oil leakage caused by the aging of the sealing ring encountered after the long-term use of hydraulic equipment.

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