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Press Arm Series

Hisman's P Series Panel Bender: Revolutionizing Sheet Metal Bending

When precision and efficiency are paramount in your sheet metal bending operations, look no further than Hisman's P Series Panel Bender. With its pressure arm design and specifications, this cutting-edge machine has redefined the industry's standards for accuracy and speed. 

Hisman P series panel bender adopts a pressure arm feeding method, which clamps the workpiece with two upper and lower pressure claws. It does not require a smooth and flat surface of the sheet metal, and is suitable for workpieces with pores, surface indentations, or more complex structures. The pressure claw of the pressure arm is generally small and can adapt to smaller sized workpieces.

Maximum bending length: 3200 * 1500mm

Maximum bending thickness: stainless steel 1.2mm, cold plate 2.0mm, aluminum plate 2.5mm

Why Choose Us?

Precision: The Hisman P Series Panel Bender boasts a maximum bending size of 2,500 mm x 1,250 mm, ensuring that your sheet metal is shaped with unparalleled precision. Whether you're working on intricate designs or larger projects, our machine delivers consistent, flawless results.

Speed: In the world of sheet metal bending, time is money. With a bending speed that can reach an astonishing 0.2 seconds per bend, our P Series Panel Bender significantly reduces production time, allowing you to meet tight deadlines and increase your overall productivity.

Durability and Reliability: We understand that industrial machinery must withstand rigorous daily use. Hisman's Panel Bender is engineered with durability in mind, ensuring that it remains a reliable workhorse in your workshop for years to come.

User-Friendly Design: Our machine's intuitive interface and ergonomic controls make it easy for operators of all skill levels to use efficiently. Spend less time on training and more time on production.

Customization Options: We offer customization options to tailor the P Series Panel Bender to your specific needs. From tooling configurations to software settings, we provide solutions that fit your requirements perfectly.

Buying Guide

Capacity: Determine your sheet metal bending needs in terms of size and volume. Ensure that the machine's capacity aligns with your production requirements.

Speed: Consider your project timelines. Opt for a machine with a bending speed that suits your production goals and delivery schedules.

Precision: Assess the level of precision your project demands. Look for features like adjustable tooling and digital controls to achieve the desired accuracy.

Durability: Evaluate the machine's build quality, materials used, and the manufacturer's reputation for reliability.

Customization: Check if the machine offers customization options to adapt to future project requirements.

Operator-Friendly Features: Look for user-friendly interfaces and safety measures that make the machine easy and safe to operate.

Hisman's P Series Panel Bender represents a leap forward in sheet metal bending technology. With its precision, speed, and durability, it's the ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their sheet metal fabrication processes. Our comprehensive buying guide will assist you in making an informed decision that aligns with your unique needs. Invest in Hisman, and experience the future of sheet metal bending today.

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  • Press Arm Series

  • Automatic Panel Bender Machine

    The automatic panel bender machine can achieve complex shapes such as bending right angles, non right angles, arcs, and upper and lower dead edges, and is applied in the metal forming field of different industries and workpieces; The equipment adopts a fully electric servo motor instead of hydraulic drive, which has the advantages of environmental protection, fast speed, high accuracy, and maintenance free, greatly improving the production efficiency and consistency of sheet metal products, and reducing the operating costs of enterprises.


    1. No need for molding, complex shapes (right or non right angles folded up or down) can be freely designed and produced at any time

    2. The panel bender has rich software and hardware interfaces, which are compatible with various loading and unloading methods: manual loading and unloading, truss robot loading and unloading, and mechanical arm loading and unloading

    3. The cloud based operation and maintenance management system can monitor the operation of machines in real time

    4. For workpieces with non-standard dimensions, different positioning benchmarks can be selected based on the shape of the workpiece to control the shearing error of the sheet metal on the first bending edge, ensuring the accuracy of the formed dimensions.


    1. The equipment body has two options: cast parts and steel plate welded parts, which can meet the needs of different processes, products, and users.

    The cast fuselage frame undergoes precise finite element stress analysis and adopts the most stable circular radiation triangle interconnection design. After strict material analysis, high-grade QT500-7 and HT250 grade or higher castings are selected.

    The welding body is made of Q235 high-quality steel plate, which is welded on a dedicated platform through advanced welding technology, ensuring the welding accuracy of the body; The fuselage is designed based on scientific principles of motion mechanics, with a reasonable design of the main board and internal ribs, greatly ensuring the overall stability of the aircraft under high and tonnage forces.

    2. The unique disturbance compensation design of the equipment can solve the bending angle and straightness compensation of different lengths, thicknesses, and materials, effectively controlling the angle and straightness tolerance of the workpiece within the minimum range.

    3. The bending tool is made of 42CrMo forging material and undergoes strict processes such as rough machining and precision machining, as well as heat treatment, quenching and tempering, and laser quenching, ensuring the service life and bending requirements of the tool. Different straight knives, curved knives, large curved knives, upper and lower pressure knife avoidance, as well as hinge knife pneumatic and electric control tools can be designed and customized according to user workpieces. Bending auxiliary knives can also be added to complex bending processes to meet various bending needs to the maximum extent.

    4. Programming software is simple and easy to learn, with intelligent operation and real-time display of the edited workpiece shape. The self-test system can predict in advance whether the edited program is correct, avoid workpiece waste, and effectively protect the equipment. 

    5. Functionally, it supports complex actions such as up pressing dead edges, down pressing dead edges, and arcs that traditional bending machines cannot form in one go.

    6. Using imported branded electrical appliances to ensure the stability of the control system; The equipment electrical cabinet is equipped with a well-known domestic brand of air conditioning refrigeration device, which can timely eliminate the poor heat dissipation caused by summer high temperatures in the electrical cabinet and the high temperature during the use of electrical components, solving the shutdown fault caused by high temperature overload.

    7. The equipment is equipped with a grating ruler for error detection of sheet thickness, to avoid machine damage caused by incorrect input of sheet thickness.

    8. According to the operational needs of different equipment models, large diameter grinding grade screw rods are used, combined with Japanese imported NSK/NACHI bearings, with strong load capacity to ensure transmission accuracy; The wide roller guide slide has strong anti friction and anti load capabilities, which can effectively improve the stability of equipment operation and the service life of the equipment.

    9. The automatic lubrication system automatically alarms when the oil level is below the specified value. Simply follow the program prompts to add lubricating grease. The equipment adopts all copper lubrication pipelines to prevent plastic pipelines from aging and bursting, ensuring the service life of lubrication pipelines and timely lubrication of various components, avoiding the cost of dismantling and reassembling equipment due to pipeline replacement and the accuracy of equipment reinstallation.

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