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Suction Cup Series

Hisman sheet metal panel bender adopts suction cup feeding and vacuum suction to adsorb the sheet metal through negative pressure pump. The surface of the sheet metal needs to be smooth and flat to ensure that the workpiece will not be misaligned during feeding and rotation.

The X series system supports the replacement of suction cup groups and automatically adapts and recommends the optimal suction cup based on the size of the workpiece and the actual bending situation. After programming is completed, if the workpiece size is too small to be bent, the system will automatically switch to borrowing mode and try to bend the workpiece. If the bending still cannot be completed after borrowing, the system will automatically prompt the user the minimum workpiece size supported by the bending program. The minimum forming size supported by the system is 130mm * 190mm.

Maximum bending length: 140*125cm

Maximum bending thickness: stainless steel 1.2mm, cold plate 2.0mm, aluminum plate 2.5mm

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  • Suction Cup Series

  • Suction Cup Series

  • Sheet Metal Panel Bender is a high-tech product developed and produced for the sheet metal industry to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce labor costs, and enhance corporate image. It has been widely applied in various industries such as file cabinets, electrical cabinets, door industry, tool cabinets, kitchenware, ventilation, air conditioning, purification, education, and experimental equipment.


    1. Industry 4.0 architecture, which can be smoothly upgraded, has advantages such as fast speed, high consistency of workpiece forming, low power consumption, simple daily maintenance, and low cost.

    2. High degree of automation, simple operation, and low technical requirements for operators.

    3. The control system achieves true multi-axis concurrent linkage, smooth bending action, and high mechanical operation coordination; a Friendly human-machine interface, simple and easy to understand, and flexible programming.

    4. Equipped with a bias load detection system, bias load follow-up system, and thick plate detection system, it can effectively protect the machine, protect the workpiece, and reduce workpiece waste.

    5. Both cast parts and steel plate welded parts undergo high-temperature annealing treatment according to the corresponding temperature curve of the material, and are cleaned by a large shot blasting machine, resulting in a clean surface of the bed.

    6. After rough processing, castings and welded parts undergo outdoor aging treatment to completely release internal stress before fine processing, ensuring long-term use without deformation and ensuring the stability of comprehensive accuracy.

    7. The installation surfaces and holes of components such as the body guide rail, screw, positioning turntable, and transmission mechanism are processed by large precision machining equipment such as large-scale CNC floor boring machines, CNC drilling and milling machines, and machining centers; Design different fixtures and fixtures for different workpieces, reduce the number of clamping times, ensure the tolerance requirements for flatness, parallelism, and verticality of each component, eliminate accumulated tolerances to the maximum extent, improve the fitting accuracy of each component set, and improve the overall assembly accuracy of the equipment.

    8. Using a high-precision micrometer, combined with a marble platform and a marble square ruler with millions of years of aging treatment, precise measurement is carried out on each workpiece to strictly control the processing quality and ensure that the assembly accuracy of the entire machine meets the standards of high-precision machine tools.

    9. The guide rail assembly adopts a professional adjustment block pressing method, which can effectively ensure the parallelism and flatness of each guide rail, ensuring smooth machine operation, and the roller slider is not affected by external forces and is durable.

    10. Adopting an imported full electric servo closed-loop control system, the system supports up to 25 axis concurrent linkage, which is truly multi axis concurrent linkage. The bending action is smooth, and the mechanical operation is highly coordinated. The control system retains the loading and unloading ports of the truss and the docking ports of the robotic arm. Users can connect different brands of robotic arms and truss loading and unloading equipment according to their own needs.

    11. The control system has a cloud based operation and maintenance management interface, which can use mobile mini programs to monitor the operation status of devices anytime and anywhere, understand the actual operation status of devices, and calculate the number of production workpieces in various time periods.

    12. The equipment is equipped with an operating handwheel, which can facilitate tool position and accuracy testing; To avoid tool damage caused by system misoperation, improve the convenience of tool detection, and reduce board waste during the trial bending process.

    13. The equipment is equipped with an automatic lubrication system, which can timely ensure the lubrication of various moving parts, prevent wear of the screw ball and guide rail roller column caused by lack of oil or insufficient lubrication, and extend the service life of the screw and guide rail.

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