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C2 Press Arm Series Professional Manufacturing Plant Provided Panel Bender

The flexible panel bender can be widely used in the field of steel cabinet shells (file cabinets, tool cabinets, outer shields, electrical cabinets, communication cabinets, gas cabinets, water meter cabinets...), kitchen utensils (refrigerators, air conditioners, stoves...) , Furniture, ventilation, refrigeration, purification, door industry, decoration, elevator and other related metal forming fields.

C2 Press Arm Series Professional Manufacturing Plant Provided Panel Bender


Panel Bender is widely used in sheet metal processing, decoration, metallurgy, shipbuilding, automobile, machinery, aviation and other professional production fields. With stable product quality and continuous growth, it is committed to becoming an advanced enterprise in the domestic medium and high-end sheet metal processing and forming machine tool industry.



Control systemTaiwan SYNTEC
Servo motor, driveTaiwan SYNTEC
Cast bodyAHXISIM Self-Developed
Welded bodyAHXISIM Self-Developed
Feeding rackAHXISIM Self-Developed
ReducerGermany NEWGEAR
Screw rodTaiwan HIWIN
Guide railTaiwan HIWIN
BearingJapan NACHI
Negative pressure pumpZhejiang Tengyuan (Press arm type excluded)
Electrical partsFrance Schneider
Grating rulerSuzhou SINO
Hand wheelTaiwan SYNTEC
Machine air conditioningTongfei Refrigeration
Pneumatic accessoriesTaiwan AirTAC
Suction cupAIRBEST (Press arm type excluded)
CouplingMiki Pulley
Lubrication systemGuangdong Dingshen

Max. bending speed0.2s/knife
Max. bending length (cm)200* 150
Max. bending height (mm)170/300
Feeding methodPress arm type
Feeding tableBrush,universal ball
Lubrication pipelineCopper pipe
Min . bending thickness (mm)0.15
Min. four-sided forming size200*280mm
Single-sided forming150mm
Hinge knifeStandard
Advanced commandStandard
Arc commandStandard
Press foot liftingOptional
C-axis liftingStandard
Automatic lubrication functionStandard
Bias load detection functionStandard
Bias load follow-up functionStandard
Plate thickness detection functionStandard
Automatic feeding interfaceStandard
High speed control moduleStandard
Flattening functionStandard
up/down pressed dead edgeStandard
Knife adjustment deviceStandard
Hand wheelStandard
Cloud-based management
Rated voltage380V
Max. bending thickness(mm)Stainless steel 1.2
Cold plate 2.0
Aluminum plate 2.5
Dimensions (cm)

L* W *H

510 * 270 * 280

Product Features

Multiple bending shapes
Compatible with multiple sizes of sheet sizes
By simply assembling cutting tools, bending of workpieces of different sizes can be achieved;

Flexible Intelligent Bending Center

                              Stainless steel sheet                  Aluminum sheet                Cold rolled sheet


Graphical programming is easy to learn

Through graphic programming. By combining simple bending movements, various bending shapes can be achieved. Ordinary workers can learn in 2 hours.


Fast Bending Speed

Flexible Intelligent Bending Center

The fastest bending speed is 0.2 seconds/time

The cutting speed, rotation speed, and bending speed can be adjusted; The fastest bending speed can reach 0.2 seconds per knife.


Continuous edge bending reduces bending cycle time

The system provides automatic posi- tioning function for sheet metal, using a-CNC positioning device for automat- ic positioning, completing multilateral bending in one positioning, and short- ening the bending cycle time.

Flexible Intelligent Bending Center

Dual C-axis Automatic Follow System

Flexible Intelligent Bending Center

Dual C-axis oblique borrowing mode

For special structural workpieces, such as water tank structures, the bending process of the workpiece can be achieved through automatic dual C-axis oblique borrowing.photobank-(2)_03.jpgFlexible Intelligent Bending Center

Dual C-axis automatic follow

When the upper and lower jaws press the sheet metal, the lower C-axis rotates with the workpiece, and the upper C-axis auto- matically follows the lower C-axis to achieve synchronization and tightly grasp the workpiece.


Compatible Loading And Unloading Modes


Multiple loading and unloading modes available

Manual loading and unloading

Self driving integrated robotic arm loading and unloading

Single arm robotic arm+quilting frame loading and-unloading

Single arm robotic arm load- ing and unloading


Flexible Intelligent Bending Center

Stable Performance And Long Life

Standard design of high precision machine tools

High grade castings (QT500-7 and gray iron 250). With high standard ful welding process. strlict stress relief treatment, precision machining, and high-precision assembly.


Strict testing and selection of components

The components used in the assembly of the entire machine have undergone strlict selection, rigorous testing, and long-term baking. The key components have undergone three years of matching and replacement.


More stable production performance

The first generation model has been tested and pro- duced for over three years. and its performance is stable and widely praised, Subse- quent models wil be upgrad- ed and iterated on this basis, with more complete functions and performance.


Safety Self Test Function

Flexible Intelligent Bending Center

Folding front self inspection system

The system provides graphical visualization error detection programming, and can simulate the bending of the workpiece before bending. If the parameter settings are abnormal, the system will terminate the user's bending operation. Users can adjust the corresponding bending parameters according to the error content prompted by the system, effectively preventing the occurrence of incorrect bending.

Flexible Intelligent Bending Center

Plate thickness detection system

The system provides a plate thickness detection system. When the workpiece enters the pressure zone, the workpiece thickness will be detected in real-time during the pressing process of the pressure knife. When the actual thickness of the detected workpiece is inconsistent with the program thickness,the system will immediately terminate the bending and prompt the user. The user does not need to worry about taking the wrong workpiece and damaging the.workpiece.

Flexible Intelligent Bending Center

Partial load protection system

The bias load protection system of the pressing module will immediately respond to terminate bending and notify the user when the user accidentally places the workpiece in the wrong position of the pressing tool, or if the workpiece is non-standard (especially severe burrs, ete.). which will seriously affect the inconsistency of the pressing tool dual drive.

Flexible Intelligent Bending Center

Partial load bending system

The system provides partial load bending function, which can still bend the workpiece normally when it is not in the center. The remote motor module can automatically follow, which can achieve more complex workpiece bending. Users do not need to worry about equipment damage or damage caused by this. 

Flexible Intelligent Bending Center

Collision protection system

The system provides collision protection function for each axis, so users do not need to worry about i nternal collision of the bending machine during the bending process, which may cause equip- ment damage or abnormalities. The system wil predict whether there will be interference at the position where each axis travels. If there is interferençe, it will immediately terminate and prompt the user.

Flexible Intelligent Bending Center

Fuel supply detection system

The system provides automatic oil supply system and oil tank shortage detection prompt function. When the equipment has abnormal oil supply or oil shortage, the system will automatically alert. Users do not need to worry about core components such as equip- ment motors, bearings, and screw rods being damaged or affecting their service life due to a lack of oil lubrication.



Flexible Intelligent Bending Center

Application Scenario

The file cabinet

Flexible Intelligent Bending Center

Electrical cabinet

Flexible Intelligent Bending Center


Flexible Intelligent Bending Center


Flexible Intelligent Bending Center


Flexible Intelligent Bending Center

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Panel Bender is widely used in sheet metal processing, decoration, metallurgy, shipbuilding, automobile, machinery, aviation and other professional production fields
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