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Aluminum Door Panel Bender

A panel bender is a machine used in the production of aluminum doors. This specialized equipment is designed to bend and shape aluminum panels with precision, facilitating the manufacturing process of doors made from this lightweight and durable material. The panel bender plays a crucial role in achieving the desired form and structure of the aluminum panels, ensuring they meet the required specifications for the production of high-quality aluminum doors. This efficient and precise bending process contributes to the overall efficiency and quality of the manufacturing process for aluminum doors.

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Hisman's aluminum door panel bender is an automated sheet metal bending machine designed to form aluminum profiles into a variety of shapes and sizes. It is a highly advanced machine that combines productivity and flexibility into one high-output machine. 



High precision and accuracy in sheet metal bending and forming

Automatic loading and unloading system improves productivity and efficiency

Versatility to handle a wide range of materials and thicknesses

Reduced set-up times and increased production flexibility due to its quick-change tooling system

Reduced waste and material costs due to the ability to optimize material usage

Increased operator safety due to its fully enclosed work area and safety features

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